Ventilator cabinet

We have ventilator cabinets to suit most purposes and to fit most laboratories.

Kilab ventilator cabinets have been developed over several years and are among the best on the market when it comes to safety, ergonomics, and being user-friendly.

The aerodynamic design at the front of the cabinet gives a very good protection against unwanted emissions. The sloping front means that the operator is placed in a good working position, regardless of whether the work is done standing or sitting down.

Our most sold ventilator cabinets (STD H9, SF H9 and PP H9) have all been produced and tested in accordance with the European standard, ENS/NS 14175-3, with very good results.

Kilab ventilator cabinets can be delivered with a large amount of accessories such as lower cabinets, fire proof lower cabinets, racks, various containers, regulators, alarms and more.