Ultra Low Temperature freezers

Panasonic -86°C Ultradypfrysere

VIP Dual Cool freezers (-86°)

We have a large selection of ultra low temperature freezers for long term storage or for personal use. An ideal freezing environment for temperatures up to -86°C. Panasonic's specially designed Cool Safe compressors ensure very low temperatures. The freezer is a micro processor with system reliability and a temperature control function shown on a digital display at the front side of the unit. It has a built-in temperature and a power outage alert system, which can issue both a sound and light alarm.

The freezer can also be connected to a remote alarm.

We can deliver freezers in sizes of 84, 309, 487 and 701litres.

We can deliver the following three varieties of freezers:

VIP Pro Freezers with vacuum insulation cabinet construction (VIP) in sizes of 333, 519 and 728 litres.

VIP Eco Freezers with HC gas and vacuum insulated walls in sizes of 526 and 728 litres.

VIP Dual Cool freezers with VIP isolation and separate cooling systems (Dual Cooling.)

This freezer provides the best security. That is because two individually controlled compressors ensure that if one of them fails the other one will take over, so that a secure temperature is maintained until the broken compressor can be repaired. The freezer requires no filter and therefore also less maintenance. It is available in the two sizes of 519 and 728 litres.

Liquid nitrogen tanks -190°C and Cryosystem Freezers in the -150°C range

Our Panasonic Classic Pro Cryopreservation freezers with maximum loading capacity are both equipped with Panasonic's Cool Safe Compressors.

They come in sizes of 128 and 230 litres. Storage capacity is from 8100 to 15000 of 2ml vials.

These freezers are used by many as an alternative to liquid nitrogen because they are safe and versatile. They also give good value for money in the long term.

Our nitirogen tanks are produced by CBS (Custom Biogenic Systems) in USA.

We have a large range of standard storage tanks ranging from 90 to 720 litres.

For lab use we have tanks ranging in sizes from 4 to 50 litres. For safe storage in a dry environment and at the lowest possible temperatures we can deliver five different tanks at -190 Isothermal. The storage capacity is from 9100 to 46500 of 2ml vials.


Panasonic CO2 Incubators can be delivered in sizes ranging from 49 to 851 litres.

This are the most comprehensive CO2 incubators for cell cultures with an InCu saFe copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interior and UV lighting. It can be delivered with an H202 decontamination system, which provides, fast, simple and effective decontamination in three hours.                                                                          

The multi-gas incubator can also be provided in sizes of 49 and 162 litres.

Panasonic Cooled Incubators

MIR-154, 254 and 554 are cooled incubators. Controlled temperatures from -10°C til +60°C.

Panasonic Heated Incubators

MIR-162 and 262 are heated incubators. Controlled temperatures from +5°C til +80°C (room temperature 20°C).

Panasonic Plant Growth Chambers MLR-352

Several options for temperatures and lighting patterns can now be accurately reconstructed and controlled. With the MLR-352H humidity can also be calibrated.

This is the perfect choice if you need a plant growth chamber in order to work with and research plant cells, the calibration of plants, incubation of insects and electronic or food testing.

Biomedical Line Freezers

Panasonic Biomedical Line Freezers are specially constructed to ensure an even and stable temperature throughout the freezer, and has been made in order to store medicines and other products that are sensitive to certain temperatures. It comes in several varities. One series has single and double doors in sizes 680 litres and 1360 litres, another series has sliding doors in sizes ranging from 158 litres to 1030 litres.

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Panasonic Blod Bank refigerators can be delivered in various sizes ranging from 79 to 1287 litres with roll-out doors or steel wire shelves, has rapid cooling and makes little noise.

Our blood bank refigerators are popular in all of Norway and they have been used from Kirkenes in the north to Arendal in the south. The first blood bank refrigerator to be used was at Ahus in 1994.

Panasonic Plasma Freezers can be delivered with either one or two doors. Both the chambers have a maximum temperature of -40 and are delivered with a capacity of 426l and 482l. (Two doors.)

Panasonic Biomedical Line Freezers are delivered in three size boxes of 138, 221 and 425l.

Laboratory ovens and autoclaves                                                                                                                                                       

Panasonic MOV-112 and MOV-212                                                                                                                               

We can deliver laboratory ovens in two sizes of 90 and 150 litres and between temperatures of 40 to 250 °C. Comes with and without fan.                                                                                                                      

Panasonic MLS-3751L/3781L og MLS-2420U/3020U

Panasonic has 2 series of autoclaves, both with top loading.

The L series has a volume of 50 and 75 l with temperatures up to135°C and the possibility to utilise 4 different programmes.

The U series has a volume of between 20 and 48l wth temperatures up to 126°C.